Bedford, Michigan 48182

We’re a Digital Design Agency.

We are a Bedford, Michigan based design agency- focusing on user experience design. We design unique user and customer experiences.
What do We work on?

Users. And their experience.

Our goal is simple: To create the best experience for the user. Good user experience delivers success.

Whatever your product or service is, users are in the center of your business. So is the experience you present them.

Amazing visuals, mind blowing copies or an extraordinary interaction: all these merge in order to create a fine balance. The success of your product, services or your business depends on your user’s experience. So, whatever we do is to help you provide your users a better experience.

Good user experience delivers success.

Designing a better user experience comes with its own measurable outputs. Instead of relative approaches, investing in your user’s experience returns as solid benefits to you business or startup.

It even changes the entire game most of the time.


One of our values is reliable, responsive customer service. When you work with 6K, you know your agency is available for you.


Our small, dedicated team has an incredible background in hand-coding websites. We speak the language, we dream in code.


We know your a busy individual and might not have enough time to update your website on a regular basis; We can do it! Choose from our maintenance plans to simplify your job!