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We create beautiful, custom web sites that are built to perform and give business a foundation to grow on!

Our solutions are as unique as your business and are built with the intention of giving your company the freedom to maintain and update them in the future. Every project is customized for your needs. After discussing your goals, we'll identify how we can help. Here are some of our most common contributions.

Web Development

We have a true passion for developing websites, and this is what we do best. Our websites are designed and built with every device in mind – from the smallest smartphone to the largest display.


When you need changes, just drop us a line! Our turnaround time for website maintenance and updates cannot be beat. Requests for small site changes are usually done within hours.


Our hosting servers are located at one of the most secure datacenters in the world. Website hosting includes regular software and security updates and customer support. We also offer email hosting.

Web Optimization

Having trouble with outdated programming or a slow website? We have hosting options that can speed up your website, and our developers can spend a bit extra time improving your page load speed.

We help enterprises and startups to design and launch successful digital products.

From research to vision to implementation, 6K translates bold ideas into industry-leading web applications that advance your business. Our professional services ensure the digital products we produce set a high water mark for engagement, efficiency, and elegance.

Design Strategy

Experienced creators know that implementing an idea without first confirming the hypothesis in the real world, or blindly copying other market players, leads to solutions that don’t bring value to the end user.

UX Strategy & Design

We reimagine and transform our clients’ businesses around their customers, their motivations and needs. With crystal clear understanding of their customers, we optimize every user interaction for ease of use and delight.

6K Creative Digital Design Agency

Our Design Process

Over the last 15 years we have refined our design process through experience and invaluable opportunities to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across nearly every industry imaginable. Our team will work in collaboration with you to build a website that garners results.

01. Strategize
  • Business Goals
  • Product’s application
  • General target audience’s (TA) attributes
  • Usability goals of the TA
  • Comparative analysis
  • Functionality for meeting TA goals
02. Design
  • Information architecture
  • Structure and navigation
  • User Workflows
  • User Interface Design
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
03. Delivery
  • Visual elements
  • Style guide
  • Full-scale product prototype